Let Gratitude Lead The Way!

Let Gratitude Lead The Way!

In an article by Ocean Robbins, recent studies have concluded that the expression of gratitude can have profound and positive effects on our health.

“A growing body of research shows that gratitude is truly amazing in its physical and psychosocial benefits.”


In one study on gratitude, participants were given one of three tasks. Each week, participants kept a short journal. One group briefly described five things they were grateful for that had occurred in the past week, another five recorded daily hassles from the previous week that displeased them, and the neutral group was asked to list five events or circumstances that affected them, but they were not told whether to focus on the positive or on the negative. Ten weeks later, participants in the gratitude group felt better about their lives as a whole and were a full 25 percent happier than the hassled group. They reported fewer health complaints and exercised an average of 1.5 hours more.

In the corporate world, the daily grind can be extremely stressful and pressurizing. If science is showing empirical evidence that gratitude makes us healthier – surely we want to make every effort to spread gratitude wherever we go, especially throughout our working relationships and partnerships.

We want healthier leaders.

We want healthier management.

We want healthier employees.

We want healthier investors, stakeholders and clients.


If gratitude plays a pivotal role in our health, we have tremendous power to try encourage attitudes of gratitude at every level of the organizational hierarchy.

Ways to do this:

  • Keep a gratitude list – read it every morning and night.
  • Tell the people you work with why you appreciate them.
  • Give a gift to the people you value – and specify in your attached note your reasons why.

We are very quick to criticize, lets be just as quick to appreciate, recognize, acknowledge and thank – and perhaps our muscles of empowerment, inspiration, motivation and greater success all round will strengthen. We’ll create fit and healthy teams where gratitude and positive energy drive our results. Healthier workplaces, enable well-being, and well-being is essential to everyone’s wins. Take a minute now to warm up – go to Corporate Gift to have your first workout! You’ll feel amazing!