Multiply the power of giving by placing a choice in the recipient’s hands

What is E-Gift?

We've solved the challenges that make corporate gift giving a burden

  • What gift do the recipients really want?
  • Will they all like this particular wine?
  • What if someone is allergic to chocolate?
  • What size do they wear?
  • Will they be able to exchange the gift?
  • Will the gifts still arrive on time?
  • Who's going to find and enter all the shipping addresses?

What is E-Gift It?

We've Solved the Challenges that Make Corporate Gift Giving a Burden.


How It Works



Why E-Gift?

Combining thoughtfulness and flexibility, E-Gift offers the following benefits:

  • For senders:
  • No more stress choosing the right gift
  • No more time pressure. Purchase gift at your leisure, schedule e-gift notification date as needed
  • No more hassle finding and entering shipping addresses
  • No more unhappy recipients
  • For recipients:
  • More freedom to pick, exchange or forward the gift
  • More flexibility to choose shipping address and arrival time
  • More individual attention
  • More satisfaction

Thinking gift cards? Think again!

Gift cards are convenient, sure. But they also have downsides. Depending on the recipient's address, taxes may apply. More importantly, behavioral research shows that recipients have conflicting feelings toward gift cards. In short, there's a need for a corporate gift giving solution that offers convenience and demonstrates thoughtfulness.


"We loved the fact that our customers could have their pick, while we could send everything off without knowing their shipping addresses. "

Amir Yerushalmi

Managing Partner, GAIA Real Estate

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