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$25 One-time Setup Fee. Price includes mindfully cards, and one location artwork. A virtual mock up will be sent out for approval prior to processing.


25 minimum order

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product description

Life can get busy and stressful, especially as we all navigate COVID-19. Our Live Mindfully cards help you slow down, focus and recharge. It’s a go-to resource to calm the mind, find work-life balance, get better sleep, and gain inner happiness. Created by our team of wellness professionals, the 3.5” x 2” card set makes it convenient to keep at your desk, in your bag, or on the go. Perfect for desk drops, new hires and employee incentive giveaways.

Minimum Quantity: 25 (Need less? contact us for a quote)
Individual units may be shipped to multiple addresses and recipients or at your requested times through our on-demand program.

Size & Dimensions: 3.5” x 2”

Product Specifications:

  • Calm the Mind: Peace and quiet is a precious commodity these days and finding calm in a world of chaos can be a tall order. This section offers ways deep breathing exercises, meditations and more ways to find that quiet place in your mind.
  • Work-Life Balance: When striving to achieve balance in both work and personal life, we offer suggestions and tips to perform optimally in both areas.
  • Healthy Sleep: Adequate sleep is a key part of a healthy lifestyle. This section offers tips on getting a good night's sleep so you can be at your best all day long.
  • Happiness Mindset: Happiness is a state of well-being that is key to a healthy life. We share a ton of simple ways to increase happiness and feel more optimistic.
  • Eat Well / Move the Body: What you eat and how much activity you get has a direct effect on a healthy mind and body. We offer ways for you to make healthier food choices and get the body moving.
  • Our extensive Resource Hub was developed by wellness experts and offers support, motivation and inspiration. You will find our Fit in 5 Series, 6 Week Workout and Nutrition Plan, 200+ Exercise Library, Motivational Workout Videos, Articles, healthy recipes and more!
  • Our Welcome Guide introduces you to all the resources included in your Kit and how to access them.

Customization Options
One-time $25 setup fee. Customization options include:

  • Card Logo/Artwork

Art Files
We accept all art files. Vector files preferred.

Add your Design to the Product

We offer two ways to customize this product:

  1. Add your own design 

    Simply download our template, customize it and upload the final design. You will receive a mock-up to review within 48 hours created by our experienced designers.

  2. Utilize our designers

    Upload your brand colors, logo, and/or an image. Our experienced designers will provide you with a mock-up within 48 hours (an additional cost of $99).


A final proof is sent for customized orders above $500 and requires customer approval before starting production. Final proofs are available upon request for orders below $500.

There are two types of final proofs available, depending on the product you choose:

  1. A digital PDF mock-up delivered by email (usually within 1-2 business days). 

  2. A customized product sample (as you would receive in your order), shipped within 3-6 business days.

Printing Method

Screen Print - A popular printing method used for one-color/multicolor printing; this printing technique uses a mesh to transfer ink onto a substrate, except in areas made impermeable to the ink by a blocking stencil, shaped with your logo or artwork. This is a cost-effective way to display and promote your brand.

Additional decorating methods and locations may be available. Chat with us for custom inquiries.

We offer three types of product samples:

  1. A digital pdf mock-up, customized with your logo and artwork
    Free of charge, sent by email. This option allows you to quickly preview the design with your logo and artwork, and share with others for approval.

    To get this sample, customize your product, and scroll down and click on Request a digital sample.

  2. The actual product, fully customized with your logo and artwork
    A one-time set-up fee ($50 to $80, depending on the product) will be credited to your bulk order. A custom sample will be shipped to you to ensure the product is satisfactory.

    To get a custom sample, customize your product, then scroll down and click on Request a customized sample.

  3. The actual product, customized with a random company’s logo and artwork
    Free with $10 shipping charge. Receive a generic sample to ensure the product is satisfactory. (Combine this option with the digital PDF mock-up for a cost effective option).

    To get a generic sample, there's no need to customize. Simply click Request a sample.

 Sample requests may be refused at our discretion.

Processing, Production & Shipping Times
Customized products require between 7-9 business days, depending on quantity.

The process includes:

  1. Design Approval
    Prior to production, in order to ensure the design fits your expectation, within 48 hours a virtual mock-up/ final proof will be sent out for your approval.

  2. Production
    Ready to ship within 5-7 business days after design approval. Rush production may be available upon request.

  3. Arrival Date
    Arrival date is calculated after production time. Check Earliest Delivery Date to get estimated arrival dates by delivery method & zip code. Expedited shipping options are available during checkout.
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This product requires a minimum order quantity commitment. Individual units may be shipped to multiple addresses and recipients.

Pre-scheduled Delivery

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On-demand Gifting Program

We can manage your branded items inventory for you to support any on-demand gifting program.

This product requires a minimum order quantity commitment. Our gifting platform allows orders to be shipped on-demand, as needed based on rules or manual selection.

To learn more see our Professional Services or chat with us.

Use Your Own Shipping Account

You may use your own shipping account by providing your account number in Add Special Requests step at the Customization process.