Meet your corporate gifting sidekick

Any recipient, any occasion.

Source unique gifts, customize, add personalized notes and manage end-to-end gifting without the manual work -- all in one place.

Give the gift of choice

Give the gift of choice

Give gifts they’ll love, use and remember you for! Send a gift you choose, or allow recipients to select their favorite from a set of options you provide. You can even let giftees shop your own branded Company Store.

All-in-one gifting management

Source gifts directly through our native marketplace. send large orders with a single click with Multiple Address Checkout. Sync Address Books with your ERP, or upload your own. Automate and schedule gifts to any group or individual, from any department, for any occasion and track orders within one unified tool.

All-in-one gifting management

Work from home, gift to home

Work from home, gift to home

With E-gifts you can send swag, thank-yous, incentives and celebration gifts without knowing an office or home address. Gifts ship directly from suppliers (or through our on-demand gifting service) so you never have to receive, store, handle or ship from your own office.

Spend budget on gifts, not software

CorporateGift is free for corporate accounts with a minimum annual gift spend commitment.

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Spend budget on gifts, not software

“Without a tool that makes it easy, we simply wouldn't have the bandwidth to manage a program, especially across departments. This gives us back weeks of time.”

Moran David

General Manager, U.S. & Canada, Mobileye

Reviews gallery

Luke Guinan, SAP

Sept 1, 2020

"Especially during COVID-19, direct mail through has given us a critical touchpoint for customers while they progress through the funnel"

Gil Levy, Splitit

Aug 31, 2020

“We use it for lead generation, increasing our meeting booking rate, keeping prospects and clients engaged throughout the cycle, celebrating milestones and recognizing employees. It’s a true end-to-end application the whole company can use.“

Megan Miller, Attentive

Sept 2, 2020

“Also love the Salesforce integration, for direct sending and tracking from our CRMs which helps us automate a lot of what we do..“

Noam Levy, Wiserspread

Aug 1, 2020

“We connected Corporate Gift with Salesforce and we automated the entire gifting process so there is ZERO manual work! If you are looking for a way to improve conversion and close rate - I highly recommend this platform.“

Spend budget on gifts, not software

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