Corporate gifting platform

More than a company store


Designed with corporate needs in mind

With our admin console, you can create your gifting tool, enabling a smooth and easy process while ensuring compliance and controlling expenses.

Whether you are looking to enhance employee experience or celebrate with your customers, we are here to support you.


Enjoy a dedicated admin console

Access your admin pages to set up and run your account, including your contacts, gifting rules, preferred payment methods, and more.

Use the integrated tracking dashboard to enjoy full transparency over your corporate gifting process at all times.


Create products and catalog rules

Create product and catalog rules

You can set company-wide catalog rules.

Examples: One of our clients , a large German automaker, excluded all types of alcohol from their gift choices.

Other customers went exclusively for consumable goods, and still others for promotional products only. You can also set price limits and leverage your dedicated landing page to feature the gifts you chose for various gifting occasions.

Single sign-on

Link our gifting platform to your company portal and enjoy seamless experience.

Define user permissions

Grant various types of user permissions to members of your team, so you can delegate and decentralize the gifting process while ensuring everyone abides by the established gifting rules.

Be brand specific

Add your logo and tagline to your gift messages, greeting cards, and products to ensure your brand stays on the mind of recipients.

Use our strong self-serve capabilities or utilize our design services to do it for you.

You can save all these customizations and reuse them as needed.


Create products and catalog rules


Ship large orders with ease and speed

We make shipping to multiple addresses a breeze offering you two options for the task.

1. Send out gifts with a few simple clicks using our multiple address checkout.

2. Select E-Gift at check out and simply enter the recipients' email addresses. They are notified that a gift is waiting for them and prompted to enter their shipping address so it can be delivered.


Manage your contact


Upload your contact list in a few easy steps (our platform supports all common formats) and use your newly created address book to manage your contacts. Segment your database assigning different gift categories to different recipients, define gifting frequencies, and more.

Don't want the manual work of maintaining your address book?

We can interface to your ERP or CRM system to receive daily updates.

Don't want the manual work of maintaining your address book? We can interface to your ERP or CRM system to receive daily updates.


Use B2B payment

Choose your preferred payment option. You can be invoiced, pay by check, get a credit line, send us a purchase order, use your AMEX points and more.


Reorder in one click

Want to send the same gift again? We keep all your purchase history.

Find the right order and click the reorder button. It's that easy.

Receive instant feedback with acknowledgement and thank-you notes

Be always in the know. We make it easy for your recipients to show their gratitude by sending acknowledgement and thank you notes.


"CorporateGift is the biggest asset to our marketing and gifting program. "

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Chief Relationship Officer Forest Solutions

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