The Power Of Now

The Power Of Now

One of the greatest obstacles to living a more present life is focusing on what is – right now – in this moment.

When our attention is directed to the past, our mind often drifts to what was and no longer is, causing us to feel some amount of sadness, longing and wishing things could be as they were. This mindset traps us in the past and doesn’t allow us to truly feel grateful for what we have and are – here and now as it is preoccupied dwelling in what once was.


When our attention is directed to the future, our mind often drifts to what could happen, elevating our sense of apprehension and heightening anxiety, fear and stress. This kind of thinking causes us to worry and often allows us to try contemplating hours upon hours of what could possibly go wrong.

The greatest enabler of gratitude is living in the present - Training ourselves to be in this moment – without judgement.  Take a minute to breathe. Deeply. Notice your body and just be. In this moment, invite gratitude into your life – not because of what happened or what is about to happen – but rather- just because you are here – and this moment is all there really is.

In our professional lives and workspaces – the same technique applies significantly.


Look at your business. How much of the time are you stuck in something that already happened and how much of that is stealing your current energy levels – which could be used to help you create something new – be more efficient and productive, solve a real current issue. How much of your time and emotional energy is spent in fear – worrying, fueling your day with harmful stress, sabotaging your health and robbing you of the focus, and motivation you need to make progress all because your mind is wandering far into tomorrow – missing out what is  - right here and now.

Plenty guided imagery meditations are fully accessible today to help you appreciate this moment. The MBSR (Mindfulness based stress reduction) system is proving miraculous in the corporate world today thanks to programs like Search Inside Yourself – developed in-house at Google to help the corporate world embrace a more mindful, present, NOW approach to work.

I warmly invite you to take this moment. Be in this moment. Thank this moment.

Use our incredible platform to gift someone for this moment.

It’s a powerful gift that keeps on giving. In powerful ways you can’t possibly begin to imagine.

It’s the power of NOW.